Contributing Code

We welcome contributions.

If you are interested in Quicksql, you can download the source code from GitHub and execute the following maven command at the project root directory:

mvn -DskipTests clean package

If you are planning to make a large contribution, talk to us first! It helps to agree on the general approach. Log a Issures on GitHub for your proposed feature.

Fork the GitHub repository, and create a branch for your feature.

Develop your feature and test cases, and make sure that mvn install succeeds. (Run extra tests if your change warrants it.)

Commit your change to your branch.

If your change had multiple commits, use git rebase -i master to squash them into a single commit, and to bring your code up to date with the latest on the main line.

Then push your commit(s) to GitHub, and create a pull request from your branch to the QSQL master branch. Update the JIRA case to reference your pull request, and a committer will review your changes.

The pull request may need to be updated (after its submission) for two main reasons:

  1. you identified a problem after the submission of the pull request;
  2. the reviewer requested further changes;

In order to update the pull request, you need to commit the changes in your branch and then push the commit(s) to GitHub. You are encouraged to use regular (non-rebased) commits on top of previously existing ones.

Last update: January 6, 2020