Contributing documents

Installing Python

Install Python or Anaconda.

MkDocs supports Python versions 2.7, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7 and pypy.

Installing pip

  • If you're using a recent version of Python, the Python package manager, pip, is most likely installed by default. However, you may need to upgrade pip to the lasted version:
pip install --upgrade pip
  • If you need to install pip for the first time, download get-pip.py. Then run the following command to install it:
curl https://bootstrap.pypa.io/get-pip.py -o get-pip.py
python get-pip.py

Installing MkDocs and dependencies

Install the mkdocs package and dependencies using pip:

pip install -r docs/requirements.txt

You should now have the mkdocs command installed on your system. Run mkdocs --version to check that everything worked okay.

Run mkdocs

mkdocs serve || mkdocs serve -a IP:port

Open browser


Write markdown documents

  • Create a new .md file in the /docs directory, Chinese docs under /docs/zh.

  • Edit mkdocs.yml and add pages. Tutorial

  - Home: 'index.md'
  - User Guide:
      - 'JDBC Doc': 'user-guide/jdbc.md'
      - 'Build Doc': 'user-guide/build.md'
      - 'API Doc': 'user-guide/api.md'
  - Community:
      - Channel: 'community.md'
      - Contribution:
        - Code: 'contribution-code.md'
        - Docs: 'contribution-docs.md'
  - About:
      - 'License': 'about/license.md'
      - 'Release Notes': 'about/release-notes.md'


Push your all changes and open a PR.

Last update: February 19, 2020